Barbra Hudson

Barbra Hudson

Some are mature, some are ongoing projects, and others are in the initial deployment stage. Projects include:

  A Hand Up - under initial development;

  Flight Sim User - regular updates;

  Low Vision Computing - mature, minor updates;

  Support News Media - regular updates;

  Un Coup de Main - under initial development.

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A Hand Up

Homelessness is a major problem.

Eviction Diversion Programs can help reduce homelessness.

Here I'm collecting all the information I can on such programs, for anyone to use.

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Flight Sim User

Flight Sim User - because too many people are spending far too much time configuring MSFS.

Flight Sim User - because too many people are spending far too much money buying over-priced hardware when it's possible to do more with less.

Flight Sim User - because the existing forums are (like most online) forums infected with "tech trolls" who give bad advice, and the moderators don't have the tech chops to verify when somebody is lying.

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Low Vision Computing is a project I've invested more than a year of my time in, and it's now mature

The premise is simple - it's 2023, and there's no use not to take advantages of new tachnology, and the continued cost reductions in hardware, to better enable people with low vision.

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Support News Media

Canada enacted Bill C-18, which requires internet media giants to pay news content producers for the content they produce.

Australia tried something similar, but backed down.

It's only fair that the people and businesses be compensated for their work, but Google, Facebook, and Microsoft don't want to. (Google has since agreed to pay). Facebook continues to block Canadian news media.

But we have alternatives. Instead of "negotiating a settlement" that preserves the Internet monopolies' power as gate-keepers, we can always go back to a period before the enshittification of the Internet, where we bookmarked individual sites.

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